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♚ The Disney Character Jack Skellington is 23 years old and resides in Halloweentown. You might have heard of him from the fairy tale The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some say he could look like Andy Biersack. Fortunately for you, this character is AVAILABLE.

Jack was always a different fellow. He was always able to make something out of nothing but he found interest in the weirdest things. He was shocked when he found out they didn’t celebrate any holidays in Neverland aside from people’s birthdays. The only person Jack has talked to since coming to Neverland has been Sally. He is too nervous and scared that no one will like him. Unless someone makes contact with him, he doesn’t bother with anyone else. He thinks the pirate girls are really cute and he wishes he could just talk to them but his own anxiety keeps him quiet. Jack loves Christmas and Halloween and he is bound and determined to open up to more people and introduce them to the different holidays of the year.


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