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OC App for Lillethy Alexis Bolt accepted!

Fabulous app. Suzanna! Welcome to the RP! Make your account and send us the link in the next 24 hours.

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Oh my, I’m so sorry I’ve been gone. I really want to make this RP active. So tell everyone you know in the RP world to come apply. We can make this RP really active if we all try! 

Alright guys. Thanks to Mali, I found an easier way to add you all to the OOC blog. So expect a link in your inboxes! :D

n--hale-high-school sent: Promo? Please and Thank You

sure! check this rp out! :D

C’mon guuuuuuys

Give me something to keep mama busy. Auditions, questions, suggestions. Anything!!


The path to Pixie Hollow.

The path to Pixie Hollow.

who feels like keeping mama admin busy today?! i wanna see some apps and questions in the inbox! come apply for our open characters or make a character of your own! :D

Feel free to promote us to anyone you think would be interested, btw :D We really want this to be a successful RP! <3

*le sigh*

Mama Admin is bored. Give me some questions and OC apps! :D